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Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club will be hosting
it's 2nd of 54 drawings on July 8, 2011 at O'Malley's Bar
and Grill.
 This week's Progressive Jackpot is worth
$229.70 +70% of sales
if the King of Clubs is drawn.  
The bar is located at
15231 Farmington Road. (On the
southwest corner of 5 Mile Road.)  The drawing will be
held each and every Sunday between 7:00 and 7:30
pm.  Good Luck!
The holder of each and every ticket drawn will win a
consolation prize of at least $100.00 if the King of Clubs
card is not drawn. Additionally, if you choose a playing
card that matches certain cards for that week's drawing
level (based on total sales) the holder of the drawn raffle
ticket will win an additional prize. Click on Consolation
Prizes on the left side of this page to see the additional
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