How we do it...
Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club is supported primarily by group
fundraising activities. Wolverine conducts five on-going fundraising efforts.  
They are as follows (Click the
underlined items for more information):

    Bingo is our major fundraising effort, and is operated 5 days weekly.

    Wolverine Sports generates revenue by renting our building to other
    similar-minded organizations for bingo as well as outside groups
    wishing to use our facility.

    Our Annual Golf Outing generates additional funds for our Club.

    Wolverine Sports conducts a periodic raffles licensed by the State of
    Michigan.  Click here for additional information on our newest raffle.

Let us know if you are willing to assist in any fundraising activity or have a
new idea for our Club.
Where the money goes that we

Click here for a list of our programming, direct
and indirect sponsorships and donations that
Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club has made
since our first year of active operations in 2005.
Snapshot of a scoreboard
donated to Redford Little
If you are interested in renting
our facility, please call Bob
Murray at 734-751-4466.

Our Main Hall is available
with seating for 150-400
people.  Our upstairs lounge
is available for parties of less
than 100.