• A new deck of cards will be used for each game started.
  • Cards will be placed into security envelopes and sealed.
  • In a public location, the full deck of 52 cards and 2 Jokers, are to be placed in sealed
    envelopes.  Two of the co-chairs will sign the back of each envelope.  All envelopes then will be
    mixed up, and then they will be numbered 1 to 54.
  • Envelopes will be numbered and posted in a locked display cabinet.  ONLY key holders will
    have access to the cabinet.
  • After cards are shuffled and numbered no less than 2 Wolverine Members will place them in
    locked cabinet at O' Malley's Bar and Grill. Key holders of the cabinet are Derek Nardone
    and Cindy Remmy.
  • Tickets will be sold for 1.00 each.
  • Drawing date will be each Sunday, between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., starting July 3rd, 2011
    and ending Sunday, July 8th, 2012.   (54 weeks)     
  • The purchaser holding the winning ticket will pick a card from the available envelopes
    (numbered #1-54).   
  • To win the Progressive Jackpot Raffle, you must pull the King of Clubs.
  • If the King of Clubs is not chosen, the pot rolls over and continues to the next week and will
    continue to build until the King of Clubs is drawn and could take up to 54 weeks.
  • If you are not present at the drawing, you must declare an envelope number(s) written on your
    ticket stub to be chosen or a disinterested Wolverine Member will choose your envelope.  
    Winners will receive the same percentage of jackpot regardless of whether they are present.
  • If the winning ticket holder picks the King of Clubs, they will receive 70 % of the pot (less all
    consolation  and prize payout amounts-In accordance with State of Michigan Charitable
    Gaming Regulations).  Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club will get the other 30% of the
    total pot.
  • Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club will withhold federal taxes of 25% from winnings
    where applicable (per Charitable Gaming Regulations).  You will be required to provide proper
    identification and information for tax purposes.  All tickets and monies will be accounted for
    by Wolverine Sports and Conservation Club in accordance with all Charitable Gaming
  • If the State Gaming License runs out during game, tickets will be sold and drawn the last night
    until someone draws the King of Clubs and wins the Progressive Jackpot amount.
  • If your ticket is drawn and you draw a "Pay Card", you will receive the "Pay Card" prize and
    the consolation prize for that stage ticket drawing.  Example: $100.00 for getting your ticket
    drawn  + $50.00 for the Joker  = $150.00 (stage 1)
  • Tickets may be purchased at O'Malley's Bar and Grill and from Club Members.
  • Ticket sales start on Sunday at 7:45PM following that week's drawing and will end on the
    following Sunday at 6:00PM prior to that week's drawing.
  • After the drawing each Sunday, all undrawn tickets will be discarded.
  • In case of emergency and the raffle cannot be held at the designated time, the raffle will be
    held at the first available date following.
  • Co-chairs of the King of Clubs Raffle and Key Holders of Raffle cabinet are NOT eligible to
    purchase raffle tickets for the King of Clubs Raffle.
  • License # C25301